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Sparkling, Pure Bottled Water
Straight to Your Breakroom

Getting pure, sparkling water that is refreshing and good for everybody in your office or facility is essential. Rain Water Refreshed bottled water from Treasure Valley Coffee of Central Oregon doesn't have "Refresh" in its name just to sound good - it's good down to the last pure, contaminant-free drop!

Our bottled water and is filtered using the most advanced Reverse Osmosis system to assure that 99.9% of all contaminants and chemicals are removed.

We deliver:

  • 5-gallon bottled water
  • 3-gallon bottled water
  • Hot and cold coolers
  • Room and cold coolers
  • Cups
  • Drink packets (Crystal Light, Gatorade, teas)
  • Other water-related products

With a consistent Better Business Bureau rating of A+ you can trust that every delivery of Rain Water Refreshed comes with the highest quality, purity, and great taste guarantee you expect in bottled water.

The best in bottled water and water delivery service also makes $ense

Our bottled water delivery service is truly world-class. We don't just drop bottles outside at your front door like most services for you to haul in and wrestle onto it's stand ... we bring each bottle to your breakroom and set it up for you! Then we take away the empty bottles.

Every day without fail, you and your employees will have pure, sparkling water ready to flow - whether it's crisp, cool water to quench your thirst or piping, hot water for tea or soup.

For less than you think per month, you'll never have to worry about water orders, delivery, empty bottles, or refills again! We'll set up the very best equipment in your breakroom and maintain it to perfection. Water will be
"right ordered" to match your office needs for cost savings and ease that will surprise you - guaranteed or your money back!

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Treasure Valley Coffee of Central Oregon
4620 SW 23rd St.
Bldg A
Redmond, Oregon 97756

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bottled water

bottled water

"I’ve had other bottled water services and TVC is has been the best in taste and in service. Many patients come in and comment about how good the water tastes.

In fact, one of my patients drinks a ton of water every time he comes in and says he can taste the difference. He should know because he’s a distributor who is always drinking other bottled water and says TVC is the best.

TVC’s service is great too … the guys who deliver the water do a great job, they’re friendly, and always leave the area clean."

Dr. Tyge Shelby
Shelby Chiropractic
Bend, Oregon


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