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From Bend to Burns, experience the taste of community with Treasure Valley Coffee of Central Oregon’s reliable service.

Locally Serving All of Central Oregon since 1994

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Areas Serviced by Treasure Valley Coffee of Central Oregon

Treasure Valley Coffee of Central Oregon

Treasure Valley Coffee of Central Oregon is firmly rooted in Redmond, cradled in the vibrant heart of Central Oregon.

Our coffee beans might hail from distant corners of the globe and are roasted in the Treasure Valley, but they find their ultimate expression in the Central Oregon air.

Central Oregon is not just our place of business; it’s our home, our community, our identity – that’s why it’s in our name!

With a tight-knit team of dedicated professionals, we’re more than just a local business – we’re your neighbors, your partners, and we’re committed to serving our community throughout Central Oregon and beyond.

Learn more about Treasure Valley Coffee of Central Oregon on our About page.

Bend, Oregon

Treasure Valley Coffee of Central Oregon started its journey way back in 1994 in Bend, Oregon. As the biggest city in the area, this city is still our most frequented location.

This outdoor playground of the West, filled with energy and spirit, is a part of our identity. We channel Bend’s lively aura into every service we deliver. Whether it’s providing top-grade coffee, clean bottled water, first aid supplies, or essential facility supplies, we bring the best of TVCCO to businesses within Bend and nearby areas like Tumalo.

Treasure Valley Coffee of Central Oregon is a proud member of the Bend Chamber of Commerce.

Redmond, Oregon

TVCCO calls Redmond home, and the city’s pulse runs deep within our ethos. Every brew we craft, every service we deliver, echoes the spirit of Redmond.

Extending our comprehensive range of services beyond our hometown, we reach the surrounding communities of Terrebonne and Culver.

Redmond is not just our base; it’s our inspiration, a reflection of our passion for quality, commitment, and community.

Treasure Valley Coffee of Central Oregon is a proud member of the Redmond Chamber of Commerce.

Prineville, Oregon

Prineville’s historical legacy of growth and development is an echo of our own journey.

Serving businesses in this dynamic city, we ensure our wide range of quality services fuel the local industry’s progress.

Our commitment to quality and service excellence mirrors Prineville’s spirit of continuous growth and transformation.

Madras, Oregon

Situated in the agricultural heartland of Central Oregon, Madras and Warm Springs embody hard work and resilience.

These values resonate with us at TVCCO, inspiring us to deliver nothing but the best. Providing our comprehensive range of services to these robust communities is an honor we hold dear.

Servicing Madras and nearby Warm Springs, with every delivery, we contribute to the area’s invigorating rhythm of progress and growth.

Sunriver, Oregon

La Pine and Sunriver, with their tranquillity and serene beauty, remind us why we love serving Central Oregon.

We provide these close-knit communities with our range of services, from freshly roasted coffee to essential facility supplies, underlining our commitment to fostering growth and sustainability in these beautiful towns.

Sisters, Oregon

In Sisters, we see a reflection of our own passion for community and connection. The city’s unique character inspires us to continually deliver our broad range of services with dedication.

Serving Sisters is an opportunity for us to engage with a community that values local business and quality products.

Burns, Oregon

Burns and Riley, gateways to Oregon’s expansive eastern landscapes, exhibit the tenacity we strive for at TVCCO.

We’re honored to offer these towns our full array of services, delivering quality coffee, clean bottled water, first aid supplies, and facility supplies. We contribute to their vibrant communities, fueling their hardy spirit with our top-quality services.

Treasure Valley Coffee of Central Oregon is a proud member of the Harney County Chamber of Commerce.

Klamath Falls, Oregon

Klamath Falls, with its thriving community and vibrant landscapes, is a testament to resilience and growth.

Serving businesses in this energetic city, we ensure they have access to our premium services – from a warming cup of coffee to start the day, clean bottled water to keep the team refreshed, to essential facility supplies for smooth operation.

Commitment to Central Oregon

At Treasure Valley Coffee of Central Oregon, we believe in being more than just a supplier. We are an integral thread in the vibrant tapestry of Central Oregon, committed to serving each town, city, and community with the same level of care and dedication.

Our reach across this beautiful region is a testament to our commitment to serving you with the highest quality products and services, no matter your location. We believe in nurturing the growth of Central Oregon, one business at a time, because when you thrive, we thrive.

Learn more about how we give back to the nonprofits in this community.

What We Do and How We Do It


Customized Solutions

  • Immediately speak with one of our team members
  • Share your specific needs and leverage our decades of experience
  • Establish service quickly


“Just Right” Service

  • We take inventory so you don’t have to worry about it
  • Maintain par level, fluctuating with your business’ needs
  • Maintain and manage with support of your decision makers


Personalized Partnership

  • Build a relationship with your dedicated sales rep
  • Receive prompt restocks for seamless operations
  • 24-hour on-call services available – we’re always here for you!