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Coffee Service in Central Oregon

The Best-Tasting Coffee
Straight to Your Breakroom Brewer

When Treasure Valley Coffee of Central Oregon provides coffee service for your breakroom, office, restaurant, or hotel, we make sure you're always stocked with premium coffee products - plus delicious teas, hot chocolate, cider, and more - without the premium price.

The best coffee in town

We never buy coffee that is anything but the best beans. Our coffee beans - whether regular or flavored - are always top notch, so you get the best cup of coffee every time. With so much to choose from, our extensive line of regular and flavored coffee keeps your employees and customers hoppin'.

For less than you'd expect, you can get a full line of fresh coffee beans, commercial-grade coffee equipment, and coffee supplies, including:

  • Almost 200 premium coffees! Available in whole bean, ground, open brew, and filter pack. Keep your employees satisfied by bringing in different flavors and profiles:
    • French Roast
    • Bed & Breakfast
    • Mocha Java
    • Viennese Blend
    • Gourmet House
    • Mayan Gold
    • Espresso Gold
    • Espresso Lite
    • Espresso Shade Grown
    • Decaffeinated coffee - 18 different flavors!
    • Organic coffee
  • Stainless steel, commercial-grade coffee makers. We maintain and sanitize all equipment
  • Pre-measured, goof-proof, no mess coffee bags (or choose traditional, open-brew)
  • Large variety of Stash and Bigelow teas
  • Cups, stir sticks, creamers, and sugars
  • Hot chocolate and cappuccino
  • Cider
  • Available private labeling for your coffee bar & equipment

Sprayer and goof-proof bags

Ensures the most consistent coffee with NO MESS!

A customer favorite is our pre-measured, goof-proof, no mess coffee bags filled with the coffee of your choice. This bag floats in the brew basket as the coffee maker sprays - not drips - water, immersing the grounds as the flavor is extracted for a perfect cup every time with NO MESS!

Just think ... no more measuring! No more coffee grounds spilling everywhere! You just throw the bag in and press the button. Or choose our pre-measured open-brew coffee.

The best in coffee service - every time

Let us take care of all your coffee needs. We right-order product every time so your inventory is never too little or too much, saving you from having to worry about your coffee service - and from making mad dashes to the store because the coffee ran out.

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office coffee service


Treasure Valley Coffee of Central Oregon
4620 SW 23rd St.
Bldg A
Redmond, Oregon 97756

Based in Redmond, Oregon, serving the Central Oregon Tri-County area, Klamath Falls, and Burns with premium coffee from all over the world and world-class coffee service.


office coffee

coffee service "TVC helps set our company apart. We strive to provide the very best in
service and products to our customers and that's exactly what Treasure Valley Coffee does for us!"

"They not only deliver delicious coffee, they also have great teas, cider, and some of the best hot chocolate I've ever had!

TVC employees have great professionalism and pride in the work they do. Other delivery drivers did not take the time to make sure our products were organized and the area was clean. But that’s exactly what you get with the great folks that work
at TVC - every time! They always go the extra mile to make sure we are happy and have fresh, delicious coffee to serve our patrons and employees. 

If you're a business owner, I urge you to give TVC a call … your clients and staff will thank you!”

Matt Bassitt
Northwestern Home Loans
Bend, Oregon


So how do we know we give you the best tasting coffee?

Without a doubt, we offer the most diverse selection of coffee in Central Oregon. Whether flavored or regular, we deliver only top notch product, so you get the best cup of coffee every time.

Our master roaster has over 35 years roasting experience. He only buys the freshest, highest quality beans. Many companies will blend inferior quality beans with higher quality beans and then charge the higher quality price when you're not really getting true high quality coffee beans.

Treasure Valley's roasting plant operates on the industry's most advanced technology to ensure a consistent roast. And, we package our product in a sealed nitrogen bag to ensure freshness. That's because coffee that is exposed to oxygen begins to stale after just one day!



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